Social media sites are easy to use for branding and lead generation but there are 10 mistakes that are commonly made. Many online businesses do not even realize it and they continue to do so at the expense of their brand. The effects of the damage can be enormous and deep if the mistakes are not rectified immediately. In due time, the brand will lose its shine in the social circle and business will fall.

If you have differing thoughts, we welcome your valued comments.

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Social media sites are websites where users create profiles and interact with each other and the brands they love. Your business needs to be actively using social media to promote your brand and get new fans. Reasons why given here.

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[Infograph] Facebook Addiction Disorder


The existence of Facebook impacts the lives of 900 million people. That’s roughly about 12% of world population today. And the numbers are still climbing. It is unimaginable by any standard that a website could dominate such a huge percentage.

Are you bitten by the FAD yet? Or are you living in self-denial that you are suffering from FAD?

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Dealing With Facebook Addiction Disorder


Approximately 350million people are suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). It is a term introduced by US psychologists describing people who are diagnosed with addiction to Facebook and their life activities are dominated by non-controllable “distractions” from Facebook. Howard-Payne, a psychology lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, said “Addictive use of the Internet is a new phenomenon which many practitioners are unaware of and, subsequently, unprepared to treat. Use of Facebook is often a legitimate way of social networking, so abstinence may not be seen as a practical intervention thus it is recommended that there be moderation and controlled use.”

What are your views on Facebook Addiction Disorder? Do you think it is something real or just simply FAD? Make your comment below.

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Learn How Not To Fail With Social Media


The concept of Social Media is to put up interesting and relevant information on the social platforms where real people want to read, enjoy, respond and reply in kind. It is all about sharing, creating a discussion point and engaging people of similar interesting or relevant topics in a real way. Failure to grasp the concept leads to the failure in making the best use of social media for businesses or companies.

Click though below to view other reasons and we encourage you to share your views on them.

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Another $1B+ Purchase: Microsoft Buy Yammer


Social media is booming in an explosive way. Following the acquisition trend and not to lose out in the race, companies with tons of buying power are snapping up bargain software solutions to augment their arsenal of business tools. Microsoft is hot in this craze and, recently, reported to buy Yammer for a hefty $1.2 billion.

What is it in for Microsoft from this deal?

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Ways To Monetize Facebook-Instagram Marriage


Social networking site Facebook acquires Instagram for $1b. Some may trivialize it, but others are fully capitalizing on it. No matter what others will do, Facebook did it to increase advertising revenue…exponentially. Will see.

Let us look into some possible marketing strategies to make use of this beautiful marriage.

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Why Facebook Bought Instagram?


In the limelight of social media news lately is Facebook acquiring Instagram for a hefty price tag of a billion dollars. There are a few good reasons why Mark Zuckerberg made that decision.

We explore in this post some of them which we think are key deciding points.

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Social Media Tool Facebook @


Facebook’s under performed IPO created quite a stir in the social media news lately. In addition, their advertising strategies aren’t working that well for them as well. With the declining user engagement and the wrong perception that a visitor would make a purchase because of the ads, Facebook is facing a tough road ahead.

Let’s dive into a recent survey conducted by Reuters.

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Social Media Marketing Search Trend


Social media marketing is on up-trend and it will overtake the rest of the marketing method as the most efficient and effective form of online marketing. The trend is accelerated by the booming mobile users on mobile devices that changed the social behavior of people. These folks are free to roam and interact in powerful social networks.

Businesses, both online and offline, are seeing this new wave of marketing coming in very strongly. How will this wave impact your company and brand?

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