Most businesses use social media to promote their brand for free.  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are visited by thousands of people hourly on a daily basis worldwide.  But these businesses often do not know the deadly mistakes they committed online that could potential bring harm to their business.  The damage may cost them their brand and destroy their social media campaign if they are not careful with it.  Below are a list of the 10 most deadly mistakes made:

#1: Over Market or Self-Promotion

People gets turn off by forceful sale pages and advertisements.  Social media platforms are meant for people to socialize, share information, update on interests and interact on ideas and comments.  It is the last place where people want to be marketed to.

#2: Purchase Virtual Friends

Do not faill into the trap of artifically inflating your visitors statistics going to your social media sites just to appear “popular” or authoritative.  Real people who visit your site know the difference between an authentic site and a one which is not.  Once they spot it, they will probably not re-visit.

#3: Falling on Deaf Ears and Being Dumb

Avoid one-way communication. Whenever people comment on your blog/wall or ask a question, you have to give a respond.  Reply to their queries and make them feel that there is a person on the side of the page.  Doing so promotes your business as being welcoming, friendly, approachable, sociable and responsive.  Just remember, brand or self-portrayal is what most people online is most concerned about.  Not listening or responding to comments is an act of arrogance.

#4: Boring site

Create events and interactive activities such that people who visit your site do not feel lonely and bored.  Popular sites are ones with lots of interaction and many active 2-way channel between visitors and site owner.  These visitors may become your potential clients if you treat them right.  If the social media site offers purely tons of information but nothing to keep the people there, most likely they will leave.  And normally the business will have one chance to strike it out with the visitor.  Make full use of the available apps and widgets to create a sociable and exciting site.

#5: Too Little Postings

Do not be lazy.  Stick with a regime and update your social site daily so that it appears fresh to the visitor.  Consistency is the name of the game.  Dedicate a portion of your online time on your social media just like you would on an offline business.  Take after brands who are actively involved and engaged with their followers and subscribers.  This is their number one secret of success online.  Maintaining a social media site is a never-ending job.

#6: Don’t Be Rude – Always Be Nice

As the social site is the only interface to your visitors, you are to pen your words carefully and intelligently.  Your brand is at stake.  Do not revert with negative or nasty comments.  This is considered rude and insensitive to the needs of your visitors and potential clients.  Remember to always be courteous, considerate and friendly.  Err on the side of doubt.  Soothe your temper even though your customers are in the wrong.  This will avoid any form of conflicts online.

#7: Share Worthless Stuff

Even though you own the social media site, you do not brag about yourself, your products and your services.  People are simply not concerned about what you think, they are more interested in listening to others what they have to say about you.  These are called testimonials.  In order to invite positive comments, you have to provide suitable value added contents for sharing.  In return, they cherish your advice or replies and reciprocate in equal terms.  Share something they like and avoid the dislikes like plague.

#8: Not Engaged

Do not wait for people to come visit you.  Take the first step and get out there to socialize.  Send out invites, join forums, befriend someone on the list, spend time on the profiles of others and, most importantly, know people and make plenty of friends.

#9: Do The Taboo – Give Inappropriate Comments

Whenever you’re logged in, you need to be extremely self-aware. Everything you say or do reflects your brand. Show your personal side but don’t get too personal. You want to look like a brand owner and this requires a little bit of professionalism.

#10: Being Irrelevant

Focus on the topic.  Provide what your fans want and avoid digressing too much.  Stick to things that are brand related.

The absolute biggest mistake you can make with social media sites is ignoring them altogether. Experts predict that social media sites will become the search engines of tomorrow. To some extent they already are. Sign up to each new social media site that comes along because it might be the next great branding opportunity.

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