In this century, the world has suddenly become smaller as an ever increasing people use the internet to join various online communities and connecting with people has never been easier. And the main promoter is social media. Social media sites are virtual online networks where real people share information and interact among themselves through a set of social tools. The commonly known ones include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, PInterest, etc. What these networks offer are simple online websites where people hang out, be in touch with friends and relatives, to share information, to share interests, to socialize and even to find employment.

Your business should be part of this global community. It is not a matter of choice but an essential ingredient to put your Brand online. Your business needs publicity via social media based on these 10 reasons:

#1: Don’t Be Left Behind: If Your Not Inside, You Are Nowhere

These networks of Social Media sites collectively congregate billions of online users. A few of them even have a dominant share of the market and become the most popular sites to visit in the world. Tons of people log onto their accounts daily to get updated on the happenings of their acquaintances. The number of new subscribers also grow in hurds. If your business is not riding on this wave, you have definitely missed the boat. Additionally, imagine what great positive impact it will have on your business if you are in constant contact with them.

#2: Tremendous Brand Exposure and Power

Your Brand is placed under a spotlight and your business is in direct and immediate connection and communication with your customers. They will have close and personal contact with your business. Imagine what this will do to your marketing effort and all this boils down to great and effective branding of your business.

#3: Establish Closer Relationship With Customer

By being close to your customers means closer contact and better understanding of the target market. This might lead to greater business opportunities as your business is listening to your customers’ needs at close proximity. Social media allows your business to collect vital market research data. For examples, forums and message boards create a place where your customers can voice their likes and dislikes. Your business can then utilise these resources to help understand the users’ needs and to better create products and marketing campaigns.

#4: Lead Generation

Make full use of social media to get more customers. As your customers share their experiences with your products, they are spreading the news and more people will come to know about your products, business and brand.

#5: SEO Benefits

Search engines place great emphasis on social signals. When the search engines pick up numerous social signals from various sources, they consider your website as an authority and, hence, ranks your site high in the search pages for certain keywords. This, in turn, allows people to find your business profile easily. A good side effect is that you website gets fantastic back links and social references, most of which comes from social media content.

#6: The Brand With A Personal Touch

Getting millions of online users to reference your site and/or products means brand recognition.
Your social media presence and interactions with your fan base give your business a personal touch. That’s what so many companies are lacking today. People like to know who they’re buying from.

#7: Easy And Effective Promotion

Once your Brand has established itself, the promotion of products has never been easier. Given the reach of social media, the advertising coverage is wider and further than traditional means. This translates to reaching a bigger target audience who, in turn, has greater interest in your sales and promotion. With just a single update on the wall, every subscriber or follower to your site gets notified instantaneously to the special offer.

#8: Greater Opportunity to Reward Your Customer Loyalty

You can offer your customers direct rewards for being on your subscription list. This works both ways. Your customer gains by receiving exclusive discounts, coupons, freebies, redemption and loyalty points and you business benefits by recurring purchases. A Win-Win situation.

#9: Ready Made Matured Platform

Your business can leverage on the superior infrastructure of these social media platforms to extend the reach of your communication networks. It takes a short time for your business and customer to sign up and get linked up. Not only is it easy, but your website gets built-in SEO benefits of using their already popular website.

10. It’s Free

You get advertising, marketing and branding tools at your fingertips without paying a dime for them. Social media networking is a dream come true for businesses.

It is critical to clarify your goals for using social media before you get started. These goals will direct all of your activities using them. Some questions you may want to ask:
- What do you want to do with your social media presence?
- What action(s) do you want your fans to take?

Once you get your clarification, stay focused on these goals and devote some time each day to build your social media presence.

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