Are You Suffering From Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)?

Despite the fact that 900 million people lives are impacted by Facebook, there are far fewer people who are aware of Facebook Addiction Disorder or FAD.  The number of articles, test and research written for and about it are immensely miniscule.  For those who are bitten by this addiction may live their life in self denial.  And that is a scary thing.  An addict spends more than 7 hours on Facebook, that is, 30% of a day online socializing on this social media platform.  This is a new phenomenon that psychologists have to deal with and it is not something that they have full knowledge of or well documented.

Facebook Addiction Disorder has not been formally recognized as a psychiatric disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association.

Many believe that Facebook is a passing craze, much like MySpace and Friendster.  However, none of this media has ever reached the proportion that Facebook has.  Like it or not, it shall remain very much alive for a long while.  The reason being that businesses and consumers are embracing the technology as part of the their social fiber. One can no longer live in isolation without hearing about Facebook.  We are all interconnected within these network of friends.  Just think for a while that you are in fact connected to President within the reach of 3 Facebook “Friends” and the whole world within 6 links.

Below is an Infograph on FAD.  Be mindful of the statistics. Seek help and heed the advice from the experts if you one of them who suffers from Facebook Addiction Disorder.

We would like to hear from you (addict or not) and share with the rest how to deal with it.

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