Why do companies fail with social media?

Our guest speaker from Online Marketing for Small Business, Tim McGarvey, is here to share with us on his findings and reasons why and where companies fail with social media.

Some observed obvious reasons:

  • These companies start without knowing who is their target audience or group in mind.  They simply brag about themselves and provide information not related to their target customers.  For these companies, they simply do not know how to talk to this group of people which is important to their business.
  • These companies have no specific goal(s) or do not know how to get something out of social media.  Some questions to ask are: “Are the information relevant, useful or value adding?”, “Do we want to get a response?  If so, how do we structure the information so that we illicit readers engagement and have them reply in the way we want them to?”, “How do we encourage active exchange of information as if we are in a conversation?”
  • Social media is about creating relationship and communication with people.  For those who do not understand this concept will find it the hardest to make use of social media as their weapon or tool of choice to spring bounce their business.  Failure to understand may result in them posting content not for people who are interested in the topic, but they are just posting information about themselves.  Hence, it is not that engaging and fall under a one way conversation which is boring.
  • Social media works best when you are part of a group and talking with people in the group about things they are interested in and, hence, have people responding and commenting on a topic.  The overriding concern should be the comments from everyone else in the group and not from an individual.  The most interesting person is one who don’t talk about themselves but talking about “you”.  That’s more engaging and interesting.
  • Companies or businesses who do not respond to customers is definitely a no-go in social media. Even though information is fresh, interesting and relevant, but when others reach out to the web owners or authors and they do not reciprocate in kind, this is the point where it breaks.  People will not like to be hung out and dried.
  • The concept of social media is putting up interesting and relevant information on the social platforms where people want to read and enjoy, be able to respond and reply to.  It is about starting a conversation and engage people in the targeted group into a discussion and connecting real people in a real way.

There you have it.  6 pointers on the reasons and real ways to make use of social media.  If you have comments pertaining to the above points or other matters concerning this post, we would like to hear from you.  Please use the reply to form below.

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