What is Social Media Consulting (and what to look out for)?

Consulting work done by a consultant in social media. A social media consultant is an expert or guru who can provide in-depth advice and education to companies about the growth and business opportunities of social media.

Some critical criteria that he must possess:

  • He must have an in-depth knowledge of the different services available for use by the client. He gets to advice the clients on the effectiveness of each method and service for a more effective, productive and efficient promotion of their business using them.
  • He must have a good command of language. Especially when he is using social media as the primary vehicle for communication and interaction of contents.
  • He must have a solid foundation in communication. He needs to message his campaign in different ways and distribute them using the various tools.
  • He must have a social sense of the business landscape and the business itself. He needs to understand its operation and how social media can form an integral part of the business.
  • He must posses the knowledge of how social media can fit in and to deploy them strategically and tactically for maximum impact and effectiveness,
  • He should be well versed in sales and marketing strategies.
  • He must have excellent underlying traits: honest, trustworthy and dependable.
  • He must advice clients on the right and responsible ways to use social media tools and services.
  • He must be well-informed, resourceful and “always-connected” to stay ahead of the competition and changes in trend or social landscape.


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