Social Media Marketing is the Leading form of Marketing in 2012

It is not difficult to see from the chart (source: Google Insight June 2012) that social media marketing is trending upwards and soon to become the most efficient forms of online marketing today and in the coming months ahead.  Fueled by the booming mobile industry, people are not bonded to their desk anymore but are taking themselves to the streets and in every corner.  And they are very well connected with their technological devices, like smartphones and ultra-books with high speed wireless connectivity.  Almost everyone has a social account in Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Millions of businesses internationally are beginning to comprehend the power and value of social networking.  More are opening up business accounts in the above mentioned platforms in rapid rate.  Every business is eager to put their Branding on the social space.

The fact remains that over a billion people worldwide socialize online on a daily basis.  And the chances that someone will visit an online business are increased by leaps and bounds lately. Accelerated by the sheer force of “word of mouth” or social contacts.  Depending on the products and services, some social network is superior than the other.  For example, LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B while Facebook is better in B2C.  Twitter is good for both.

Social networking is all about Branding oneself on the online social circle. An individual or the business will have to build up a tremendous amount of reputation to gain trust. So it is important that when the business sells a product or service, the marketing strategy must include the plan to keep their prospects or client satisfied.  Their satisfaction are normally reflected in their “likes”, “follows”, “friends” and “channel subscriptions”.  Too many negatives may result in hurting your brand’s reputation in the long term.  The best form of marketing is to maintain the honest and trustworthy image by publishing high quality and high-value contents to the visitor.  Share useful tips and advice that your fans or followers love.  When these stories or contents are interesting enough, they are further shared, linked and re-tweeted for a larger audience.  The effects are explosive and viral.  Therefore, it is good for both SMM and SEO purpose once the search engines picked up the signals from the social attributes.

The essence to having good social presence is to be engaged in the social media.  If one is uncomfortable with the process, the business or individual can work with a social media agency or service to conduct social media marketing the proper (less “spammy”) and professional way.  There are tons of social media companies set up to help you campaign using social media to ensure a positive ROI.  Just make sure they are experienced and have a good track record.  Word of mouth is your best testimonial. Search around before you make your choice.


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