Basic Steps of Social Media Marketing

Advertisements on Yellow pages, newspaper ads and TV commercials are a thing of the past.

People go straight to the internet to get information which they can access from their home, office, car, phone and even their pockets

Millions of people search things on the internet as proven from the billions of searches from Google.  People are certainly searching for products and services online that your company offers.  If you do not offer such information, who is.

There are tons of sites online that making it easy for people to get content on the internet.  These sites are referred to as social media because they are using media.  And since they are interactive with so many people on these sites, they are quite social.

So where to start, how to effectively make use of your time and how to make them work together.

There is basically 4 broad milestones to social media marketing success:

  • Find interested people
  • Deliver quality content
  • Capture information
  • Stay in touch to sell them stuff

Details Explained

You do not make money with social media.  You make money by doing business with people who know, like and trust you.  Market with social media to develop relationships with people so that they will know, like and trust you.  Then and only then will they buy from you.

Instead of overloading yourself with thousands of social media sites, you can use some of the most popular search engine friendly social sites to accomplish these tasks.

Find people interested in your products and services with the search tools from the 355million people on Facebook, 35million of the business people on LinkedIn and the estimated 50+million people on Twitter by end of year.

Provide content not commercials.  Contents on sites like on the 2nd most utilized search engine YouTube.  You can also write articles for online magazines, like Ezine-articles, or make you own mini websites like Lens on Squidoo.  You can make a blog or setup hub-pages, or do about anything that delivers content like how-to videos or frequently asked questions about your area of expertise.

You then make a lead capture page which offers people something of high perceived value and then an ethical bribe for giving you their name and email.  This will allow you to send emails or newsletters and stay in touch with people who have requested for more information from you.  Now they see you as an expert,  Continue to engage with them to gain trust.  And only then do you recommend your products and services.


Advantages of Social Media

  • Trust
  • Offer your products or services
  • Perceived as expert
  • Outstanding visibility
  • Familiarity
  • Make you credible
  • Increase referrals
  • New relationships
  • Demand higher prices

Makes you TOP OF MIND (First letter of each beginning word above in RED)

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