Social Media Newsworthy? Not Exactly


If you have been following closely on the social media news of Facebook in the past months leading to its IPO, one will have guessed Facebook’s next step and the reason behind the $1b purchase.

Honestly speaking, there a few good reasons why Mark Zuckerberg would want to do so.

  1. To gain a strong foothold in the mobile space. Facebook has been traditionally weak in the mobile world simple because the platform was not built with one in mind. At least this makes sense from the monetizing point of mobile advertising.  This acquisition had given Facebook the much needed data to target online users more accurately all for the reason of pushing related ads to members. “Facebook’s databases need this info to optimize the media it will bring to you. This data is WORTH S***LOADS!”
  2. To kill them all fast.  Facebook was terrified of competition and would do anything to prevent anything that would jeopardize its plans for IPO. And the only sure way to get what it wanted was to seal the deal immediately.
  3. To inject fresh blood.  Admit it, Facebook is old in cyber context.  To avoid going in the same path as MySpace and Friendster, Facebook had to revamp itself.  There is no better way then to get involved in the latest craze just to satisfy the huge install base.
  4. Facebook and Instagram were “half-brothers”.  Facebook and Instagram have similar DNA and share the same thirst for sharing photos online.  Mark knew this and he had to preempt the attack in order to secure his “rightful” claim of the heir to the throne of social media.  “Facebook was scared s**less and knew that for first time in its life it arguably had a competitor that could not only eat its lunch, but also destroy its future prospects.”
  5. Facebook took a wrong step – somewhere.  Facebook wanted to turn back time so badly to make up for lost time or to repent on a wrong decision made earlier.  If Facebook could, it would want dominance in online advertising much in the same way as Google did.
  6. Facebook is simply scared.  Driven by the very nature of survival instinct, Facebook knew they can be killed by some younger and quicker start-ups in Silicon Valley.


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