What are Social Media Tools?

Social media tools:: a collection or an array of virtual instruments to faciliate and achieve the purpose of social interaction and sharing.

For examples:

  • Blogs:: A chronologically arranged posts with reader comments
  • Micro-blogs:: A short series of update that is published on micro-blogging sites
  • Rss:: An excerpt or a summary of dynamic content (in a special format meant for easy syndication) that are used as data feeds for subscribers.
  • Social news:: Sites with submitted articles that allow other readers to vote on them based on social relevance, favoritism and popularity
  • Social bookmarking:: Sites for putting up cataloged and shared bookmarks of web pages
  • Social networking:: Allow online users to connect and share information through acquaintance and relations
  • Podcasts:: Distributing and sharing of digital audio clips
  • Photo sharing:: Uploading, storing and sharing of digital images or photos
  • Video sharing:: Uploading, storing, watching and sharing of digital motion pictures
  • Wiki Contents:: Qualified subject matter experts or users contribute in this collaborative website

Popular Tools?

Social media monitoring tools (Free & Paid)

Tools that help to monitor specific parameters (e.g. keywords) across the various social media tools on a regular basis.

Link: http://wiki.kenburbary.com/social-meda-monitoring-wiki

Social media management tools

Set of tools or platform that help to monitor social media parameters (e.g. keywords, listening and viewing social media channels), measure visitors engagement levels and perform in-depth analysis of social media marketing program, among others.  These data are then mined to further enhance the social influence and better results.  Normally, such management tools applies to small and medium sized business where they feel social impact is important for their line of business.

Link: Evaluating.  Coming soon…

Social media marketing tools

Tools forming part of the solution in internet marketing that seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks.  Some of these goals consists of:
1. Website traffic and user behavior (external and internal tracking)
2. Conversion and sales tracking
3. Page views, ad exposure
4. Growing brand awareness (a softer value, takes longer to build)
5. Creating a positive brand association and keeping it there (see also reputation management)
6. Business development and a broader customer reach

Link: http://www.marketingpilgrim.com/2008/04/social-media-marketing-beginners-guide.html

Best/Top social media tools


This list is very dynamic and changes every week.  Be sure to drop by regularly or subscribe to our email or feeds to stay on top.
Link:: http://thenextweb.com/socialmedia/2012/04/13/this-weeks-best-new-social-media-tools-4/
Link:: http://socialmediatoday.com/

Social media manager tools

Social media tools for business

Tools specifically chosen to satisfy business requirements and is very popular among businesses.  These are much needed basic tools to establish and maintain business relationships and to some extend business transactions.  The primary advantage of using these tools is to form relationship rapidly.  It is as simple as “send and accept an invitation” or “search and like” or “twit and follow”.  Forming of such relationship used to take weeks, months and even years before the digital age.  And it is global.  These tools form the fundamentals for any social media tools for business and that I have found them very effective and have experienced satisfying results and successes with them.
Google Apps
Facebook and Facebook Pages

Link:: http://www.business2community.com/social-media/10-great-social-media-tools-for-businesses-047028

Social media analytics/analytic/analysis tools/tool

Defined as advanced and powerful product suite that provides the necessary tools to measure, monitor, understand and engage with the social media landscape.

PageLever.com – Facebook fan page insights and analytics on steroids.
PeopleBrowsr.com – One of the most comprehensive social media planning and monitoring tools ever released.
kyoo.com – Not a classic analytics tool, but it does give you a snapshot of online buzz relating to selected keywords.
SiteTrail.com – Have you ever wanted to get an idea of how a competitor’s website is performing? Well, now you can thanks to SiteTrail.com.
TwentyFeet.com – This helps you aggregate all of your social media performance data in the one place.
Tiny.ly – Tiny.ly is a URL shortener (like Bit.ly) but packs in real-time sharing and usage stats into the mix. Very handy.
Tweeb – an app for your iPhone that delivers bespoke Twitter analytics.
SimplyMeasured.com – Treat yourself to a free social media competitor analysis here.
CrowdBooster.com – This is an engagement dashboard which has some serious analytics capabilities built in.
Social Tracking Plugin from Google – Google has gone social in a big way in 2011 and this handy plugin works well alongside your standard analytics reporting.

Sources: http://thenextweb.com/socialmedia/2011/09/02/the-best-new-social-media-analytics-tools-of-the-year-so-far/

Past, Present & Future?

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