Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends 2012

1. Create Unique Contents

You will want to use a blogging platform to start creating all the unique contents that are rich in information with one purpose in mind, that is, to support Branding for your site. Or it can be providing news surrounding your business or industry. It is not necessary to optimize fully with keywords (Google Panda and Penguin algorithm will seek them out). The key thing is to make the blog site interesting and engaging for the visitor. Also ensure that you respond to the comments to promote the notion of interaction. You will want to do that anyway as a natural activity while you build relationship and trust with your visitor. This visitor may be a prospect now who will, in time, turn into your buying client in future if you have products or services to offer. Make it easy to share your content. The one thing to watch for is what your client or customer likes or what is important to them. The one who gives what the other wants wins the day.

2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile computing is boiling.  Do make sure to create a mobile version of your site to allow your visitors the freedom to visit your website using their phones, tablets and other mobile devices.  It is simple to create webpage if you have the right tools.  Also, given a chance, create a mobile application.  One of the key feature is to make it easy for people to find you on places like Google maps.  Once you are easily located, visitors will drop by.

3. Videos!

Creating videos and uploading to video sites like YouTube and Vimeo will likely increase your website visibility.  After all, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  Furthermore, people like to watch video as it contains moving imagery and sound.  2 most important ingredient for pro-interaction activities. Make sure your presence is felt.  Put in keywords and tags to your videos.  Leave footprints so that people can find you.  Creating videos is fun and easy.  All it takes is a digital camera or a phone with movie recording functions.  the content can be about helping people to solve their problems, about company services, podcast, how-to viral videos, fun-stuff (party & events introduction).  The point is to make is personal. Once the recording is completed, distribute it various online channels using services like Blip.TV for a miser fee.  Great marketing guys.

4. Social Media Marketing

Be sure to have an account in Facebook and Google+.  Be active and post comments on blogs.  Engage is the word to use.  Be conversational so that visitors are talking to a human being and not a robot.  Involve in online communities and use them as advocates to spread the messages for you.  Respond to tweets and FB posts, etc for maximum social effects.

5. Location Based Apps

For business, this is a great way to engage with customers.  You can offer achievement badges as ways to rewards your visitors.  To keep them coming back, you can offer specials deals and contests to entice their participation.  Remember it is your job to keep them entertained on your website.  There are rewards for improving your social signals.  Words of mouth travels far and wide, soon enough your website will be flooded and jammed packed with visitors.

While the above 5 trends are obvious ones, there are some less obvious and might well worth the time to explore as secondary activities.  Rising trends include niche marketing.  This involves the creation of niche sites out of interest and hobbies.  The focus is one particular thing only.  The platforms are Pinterest and Instagram.  The topic of these niche sites are unique and narrow, e.g. cooking receipe, eyecare, dental or a place where a certain profession hang out like a doctors’ corner.

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