New Social Media Marketing Strategy: Integrate Instabook Now

When Facebook acquires Instagram for $1b, it is not something to be taken lightly or overlooked.  Social marketers are hawking on this topic to find ways and means to get more traffic for later monetizing.  Facebook did it for the purpose of increasing advertising revenue.  These are my guesses how Facebook will capitalize on this beautiful union:

  1. Instagram is all about capturing and sharing photos.  Instagram completes Facebook from the perspective of having a native mobile application capture moments of a user in a Timeline.  These are very specific period of time that are well documented and very targeted.  Facebook needs this vital piece of info to narrow down on the niche to push relevant advertisements.  Hence, the increase in ads rate.  By allowing Facebook postings to attach to promoted photos, followers get to see ads note previously shown.
  2. Facebook is big on Brands.  They are life blood of Facebook’s advertising business.  Having Instagram to carry this into the mobile world is huge.  It broadens the opportunity for users to Like brands pages on-the-go.  This will definitely sweeten up the offering for advertisers. With downloads of Instagram for android version skyrocket way above the roof, we shall see an explosion of usage in a wider global scale internationally.
  3. Instagram photos are tailored to users.  Places they visit, people they meet, things they do, food they eat, games they play, clothes they wear, car they drive, movies they watch, friends they hangout, pets they have, etc.  These are incredible niche-rich areas that takes less marketing effort to show up ads of their liking and willing to click-through.  The products and services offered are profile specific.
  4. Instagram has a growing social influence.  Being a new kid on the block adds a breadth of freshness.  The thing about social media is people tends to migrate to newer platform to share and interact. Instagram gives Facebook the edge it desires so much.  Its like a fountain or potion of youth.
  5. Creation of closed niche communities. It is natural that people with common interests to share come together to form closed niche communities. And sharing by photos is the least intimidating and rein enforces the meaning of “picture tells a thousand words”
  6. Promotion of local business.  Photographs leave social foot prints.  If one visits a place, have a meal with friends, takes a photo for remembrance and later comments about the good food and atmosphere, an everlasting social sign is imprinted about the restaurant.  Followers to his Facebook or Instagram page take a glimpse and the image is craved in their minds.  Ads about the restaurant or other local business offering products and services get clicked.  This equates to a good recurring revenue stream and it represents a huge market.

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